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Free Plant Based Meal Plans


“Eat your vegetables!” ….a popular saying all of us moms have in common right?  We all know that it’s usually not JUST our kids who need to “step it up” in the veggie department.

Plant based protein is a topic that most of us are generally unfamiliar with but there are tons of ways to incorporate more plants in your diet all while still getting your protein in as well!  There have been many conflicting opinions and discussions on the subject of animal proteins vs plant based proteins and why one way is bad and one way is good…..oh brother!  There will always be opposing opinions but ultimately, you decide what’s right for you and your family.  When it comes to this subject personally, I don’t think a person needs to go hard core vegan to be healthy,….just add more veggies to your daily diet than you have in the past!  If it comes from the earth, it’s good for you….Simple!  Maybe even go for a Meatless Monday and dive into the world of vegetarian meals….who knows, maybe you’ll find a few recipes you want to add into your menu regularly!

Check out  to get started!  Free meal plans with grocery lists and all!!  If you discover any great plant based meals please share them with us on our page!  We’d love to try it!


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