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 1st-1year Membership

2nd– 6 mo Membership

3rd– 1 mo Membership

Plus Team Prize Baskets!

Entry – $50.00

How it works:

*Nutrition Tracking:

     Each week you will earn points for eating healthy foods, staying hydrated and staying active.  

*Full Body Analysis

     Track your progress with a full body composition analysis including Body Fat % & Circumference measurements and Before and After Photos.

*Team Challenges

     Compete with your team each Saturday morning in Team Fitness Challenges.


     Nothing motivates better than a tribe of like minded women striving for similar goals.  Plus you’ll have the help of one of our coaches as your team leader!   


     Sometimes the hardest part about getting results is that we put ourselves in a situation that will be easy to fall off the wagon without anyone knowing….anyone but ourselves that is.  Having a team to hold you accountable, to support you when you fall is the key to success!  Often we find we as women are more ok with letting ourselves down than letting our friends down.  This challenge is just what you need if you find this to be true about you as well. 

 It has never been a better time to join!

Specialty Classes included:  

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